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Jeffrey Frantz

I was born into a lower-middle-class family in Appalachian Pennsylvania.
I’m so very grateful for my parents who taught me the values of hard work and
family connection.

I grew up during NASA’s Apollo program, so I always seemed to be reaching
for the stars, both literally and figuratively.

My first career choice was journalism as a quest for truth. A few years later
I answered the call to pastoral ministry to seek even a deeper Truth.
Still, there was always this nagging sense that I was moving on to
something bigger, deeper, more significant. Except I just didn’t know what I
wanted to be “when I grew up.” A big part of the problem was my own learned
culture: I would never be smart/talented/handsome/rich enough to succeed.
Until a recent existential crisis made it clear that I had to change something,
that is, I had to change myself. What’s more, I not only needed to pivot my life,
but I also could do just exactly that! So was born New Horizons Life and
Leadership Development.

As a certified coach, trainer, and speaker with the John Maxwell Team, I
know this: You, too, are made for so much more than this world wants you to
know. AND … you already have everything you need right now to make it reality.

If you feel that pull toward something more, let me share in the journey
with you. Using probing questions, goal-setting methods, prayer and meditation techniques, new patterns of limitless thinking – whatever you deem to be helpful

– you’ll be amazed at what you can attain to and become.

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